Monday, August 31, 2009

The Journey of a Lifetime

The last few weeks I have been overwhelmed by the amount of need and sadness in this world. I have felt called to go back to basics. The basics of prayer. I believe I have a gift, the gift of belief that God can and will answer prayer. God is almighty, God can do anything, there are no limits. Many people in the area I live  indirectly believe that God will answer prayers. He will answer through things, and many people put the caveat of "If it's God's will" out of fear that He won't answer. But I know that God can answer these requests, in addition to working indirectly. Join me in this belief.
So many many people need prayers. This week I lay myself on the line for them. I will intercede where God calls me to. I have felt this growing call, but today my dear friend Sarah has spurred me take the jump again.
I am called to cry out for sweet Lydia. Let her be healed, let her life be a testimony to the glory of God.
Thank you to my friends for their support and encouraging me to draw ever closer to God Almighty.

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