Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One Giant Step at a Time

There was a point in my life, not so long ago that I had confidence in what God called me to do. I knew when it was God that was directing me. And slowly that has faded away. Not because God has faded, but I stopped listening and became complacent. I now see the tide turning. I can see where God has directed me clearly.
A few years ago God spoke to me and I listened. God woke me in the night to pray for someone, and if I didn't obey He would continue to wake me until I did. I saw the impact this had on those I was praying for. I long for those days again and I can see they are within reach.
I lay my fear of frivolous things down. I hear the call God has give me to intercede for Lydia. I will rally the troops to battle for her. I will stand against the efforts of Satan on her behalf. May my life be a blessing to her. May she grow to know God and make a difference for Him.
Already I can see the impact her short 13 days of life so far has made. Prayers for Lydia reach far beyond those of friends and family. I count it an honor to join the many praying on her behalf. May her life cause not just a ripple, but a wave of change.
I thank God that He has woken me for this, that I am stirred to a confidence and belief in His Almighty Power that I have not seen in so very long.
Praise be to God!!

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