Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Following God Through Feelings


Most of the time when I am following God, it is because it started as a small feeling, deep in my heart.

For as long as I can remember…I have always heard not to follow your feelings. Feelings can be swayed…a fickle heart and all that.

Each time, this lingers at the back of my mind. Every time I think that God is showing me something, I worry about this. I am tired of this. I am tired of feeling like God wouldn’t or couldn’t show me things through my feelings. I am tired of feeling like my feelings are evil, or I am not a good enough Christian because I listen to them.

Who are these people that say this? Why are they doing this to people like me? Do they genuinely believe that God would give us these feelings and then not use them for His good? (This last one is a recent revelation one to me). And lastly, do they realize that they are limiting God this way?

So, I’m here to buck the trend and listen to my feelings!! I know! It’s crazy.

That said, I think there are a few rules to this.

1. You must know that God uses everything at His disposal to help guide, teach and use us.

2. You must listen to God in more ways than one. Communication is key.

3. Is what you are feeling biblical? Does it go against God?

Then what?

Here’s where more listening and some faith comes in.

Pray about it…and take a step in that direction…then pray about it again, and listen.

God will direct you from there. And if you need to, keep taking steps, until you are sure.

God is a great God. God can use your feelings. Don’t be afraid of listening to them.

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