Monday, January 11, 2010

Walking on Your Own Faith

You would be amazed at how long you can walk on borrowed faith, on how long I have walked on borrowed faith. It's like when you are gaining weight, and all the sudden, one day your pants don't fit. Your not sure when or how it happened but one day, BAM! You wake up and realize you've fallen so far.
Sure, you listen to Christian radio, and read Christian magazines (or blogs), you have Christian friends. It's all great, but whose faith are you standing on?
I'm sure there is an exact moment where you stop listening directly to God and His Word and begin listening to people and what they say about His Word, but who can say where that is? Now I'm not saying that listening to others is bad, its the stop listening to God part that's worrisome.
So you wake up one day and find this, then what? I've had grand plans before..."I'm going to read my bible everyday!" I am good at that for a week, two, maybe even three. So then what. I'll be honest here, I have no golden answer. Here's what I am going to do though.
1) Ask God to give me a passion for His Word.
2) Set my alarm (blackberry) to remind me everyday.
I'm starting small. We'll see where this goes. If I can master these two things then I'll add another.

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