Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Defying the Odds

So today is Lydia’s 2 month birthday. Although I have only met her for a few moments, she truly stole my heart. I can’t explain it but there is something so special and endearing about that little girl. God has so much in store for her. I can feel it deep in my bones, He’s not through with her yet.

I pray constantly for this little girl. Each day I pray for her healing, that she would astound the doctors. So far she has defied what the doctors have expected of her. This has been so encouraging. My main prayer has been that God would heal her cells, and encourage new growth for her. That she would continue her development.

I also pray for my friends and their marriage. I heard a statistic from an autistic support group. That 80% of marriages that have autistic parents end in divorce. My friends are amazing, and strong in their relationships with God. But each day I pray for more strength and encouragement for them. I pray for them individually and for their marriage.

God is a good God. I trust in his will. I trust that He has called me to pray for this family.

Thank you Lord for this call on my life. Help me to listen to you, hear the prayers you have for this family. Help me to intercede on their behalf.

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