Sunday, October 4, 2009


So Lydia, the sweet little girl most of my prayers surround, has taken a toll for the worst. Her meds are as high as they can go, and was even considered for hospice.
Now, here's my question. At my last intercession, God led me to pray she was filled with oxygen. And on Sept 22 my friend Rachel (doing the School of Intercessory Prayer with YWAM) was also led to pray some things for her.
This was her email to me:
"Ok, God is so freaking cool. Read this message and then read the posting Jen wrote about the disease Lydia has.
So, I was interceding for Lydia and asking God how to pray to release his power into her body. I prayed everything I got. First, I prayed that her cells would come to life and do the job they were created for. I prayed that God would increase her lung capacity and open up air passages that had been restricted before. I asked that God's Spirit and healing power would go from her lungs to her kidneys, heart and brain. I commanded disease to leave her body and for the life of the Spirit to fill her.
Most of this I learned from class already but what I did not know was one single thing about Zellwegger's disease (or whatever it is). Notice the similarities on what God gave me to pray and what Jen says about it."

Normally, I would question my prayer for her...did I make that up? But Rachel also was led to pray a similar prayer, knowing nothing of Lydia or her disease...what does it all mean?
Why would God lead us to pray these things?
Where is it supposed to lead?
I don't have answers for these questions and many more...but I will contine to pray for her faithfully. I believe God has called me to intercede for her. To pray for her healing. Therefore, I will. That's it, no question. I am called, so I will. God will listen and answer my prayers!

I hold strong to God's promises... "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." - James 5:16

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